Saturday, 22 September 2007

The next step....

The lumps in my breast, all FIVE of them, are indeed metastatic RCC.  Which has caused quite a stir because this has never been heard of before.  Bloody typical of me.

They are coming out on Tuesday, shouldnt be in for too long, a few days because I will need a drain.

I heard the results of the meeting yesterday too - the bare bones of it anyway.  I now have another new doctor, an oncologist called Dr Porfini who is on Prof Nicks team , who specialises in RCC.

He has decided Im going to have Immunotherapy.  I dont know which kind exactly yet but it will most probably be HDInterleukin11.  Which is VILE stuff.  It is my only chance of any kind of remission though, albeit it a very slim one.

The thinking seems to be that Im relatively young, fit and healthy (till Dr P gets his hands on me!) and can hopefully survive the treatment, so its worth a shot.  Ive nothing to lose really, if it doesnt work I can apply for Sutent then.

So, it seems the decision is made and Im going along with it.  Ill think about it over the next few days but I really dont have a choice, yet again.

SURELY its time for me to have a wee bit of luck?

Going out for a curry and bucket of red wine tomorrow night - probably the last Ill have for a while !



infectiia said...

All the best for your treatment sprite, I really hope you are one of the percentage it works on.  
5 lumps is pretty unbelieveable!  trust you to go one better than everyone else!  ;o)

dreamyriver said...

Good luck Sprite.. and make the most of your bucket of wine :)

spriteverdixx said...

Thanks Dreamy and Feccy....
To be honest Im dreading it...Ive heard from other patients how nasty the side effects are.
But more than that Im really pee'ed off about my tit.  I mean, for goodness sake, isnt it bad enough having a 2 foot scar down your body?  And now I have to lose half my boob.
I must have done something really bad in a previous