Monday, 17 September 2007

The clock is now ticking....


I had my histology results this morning.  And it was bad news.  Metastatic RCC.

Poor Mr D, I felt so sorry for him.  His face crumpled when he saw I was alone and when he asked where Martin was I knew it was bad news.  He had a look and prod of the lump that has now appeared in my right breast and said that is almost certainly metastatic RCC too.  The only good news is that these soft tissue tumours can be removed, so Im off to see yet another consultant on Wednesday about having this one out.

My poor body, its been mutilated enough recently I thought and was going to refuse any futher ops but Mr D pointed out it would just get bigger - and best to have it out now.

The wheels have been set well and truly in motion now - Prof James and his team will be prescribing me Sutent, probably next week.  That will be interesting.  Will the Police scheme pay for it or will I be chaining myself to the rails outside Downing Street having been refused it by the NHS?

The really annoying part is that in myself Im feeling quite well, better in fact than I have for some time.  Although Sutent isn't chemo as such it does have some very unpleasant side effects and makes you feel like shite.  But the fact that Im 'well' to start with is a really good thing, so Im told !

It feels strange sitting here writing this, I havnt told anyone at all yet.  Martin wont be back till about 6 so Im all alone till the kids get back at 4ish.

As I said...the clock is well and truly ticking now and the only thing I have to beat is the statistics, which make very grim reading,...which I am very determined to do. Ive still got loads of stuff I want to do, and having half a boob isnt going to stop me !



dreamyriver said...

I'm so terribly, terribly sorry to read that :(

infectiia said...

I love your attitude Sprite.  Sorry to hear the news, but hopefully you will get the Sutent with no fight and get some extra time to spend with your family.  I know you will make the most of it.  All the best to you all.  You really are inspirational.  

devilzangel83666 said...

Oh, Jane. I'm so sorry.