Thursday, 6 September 2007

Cautiously optimisitc....

Well, I saw Dr M (Scan man) on Friday evening and he did an ultra sound on my liver and pronounced it A Ok !!  Just a couple of small cysts which are nothing to worry about apparently.

The lymph node by my lung is still causing concern though.  Apparently kidney tumours have a very rich blood supply, and the contrast used during a CT scan makes them light up like a light bulb.  And this one did.  Mr D and Dr M are showing my scans etc to Prof Nick (an Onc specialist) to see what he thinks.  Im collecting consultants like some people collect stamps !

Had the 'hump' removed from my back today.  Mr D and I decided to opt for a local anaesthetic - BIG mistake.  It was bigger and deeper than he thought and I had to endure an hour of him digging away to get it out.  Not to be recommended.  He did say it didnt seem to have a rich blood supply so Im hoping this is a good sign.  Its gone off for histology and I will hear in 10 days what exactly it was.

Anyway Im home, and it is really painful - really really painful but Im feeling quite optimistic.  I feel well (apart from the hole in my back now!)

James called a short while ago to say he had arrived in Sydney safely and met up with his mates.  We could tell because we could hear the racous drunken laughter in the background - so he is ok !!  Nice to hear that its cold and raining over there right now...haha



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