Thursday, 27 September 2007

Not as bad..... I was expecting really.  As a matter of fact Mr F has done a great job and I now have a smaller, but very pert, right boob.  Im rather wishing I had asked him to do the other one while he was at it !

The day didnt have a very auspicious start though, my anaesthetist popped in for a chat pre-op and asked me which toe I was having removed !  Not exactly confidence inspiring.  We soon got it sorted out though, apparently he had me confused with an 83 year old man.  Easy mistake to make I guess?....haha

So down I went at 12 and woke up at half past 2 feeling, surprisingly, ok.  I usually feel really grotty after a GA but this time I was sitting up in recovery chatting to the nurses.  It was nice to have only one drip and one drain this time.  I was back in my room shortly after where Martin was happy as Larry watching Sky Sports.  Mr F popped in and said it all went very well and all the lumps were removed and I could go home the next day when the drain was removed.

Lovely.  Stayed on sips of water all afternoon - chucked it all up at about 6 - then just slept till the next morning.

Drain out after lunch yesterday and admired my new pert 17 year old boob !  I havnt seen the stitches yet though, it has to be kept covered for a few days.  Its a bit sore, but to be honest not as painful as when he shot it with his biopsy gun thingy.

So - on to the next thing.  Mr D came to see me, he is passing me on formally to Dr Porfiri now, the oncologist, and unless I need any more surgery I wont see him again.  Which is a shame because we have built up such a rapport over the past 7 months and I trust him.  He will definitely get a Xmas card !

Im seeing Dr P on Friday evening.  We have decided to have a private consultation and pay for it.  There are so many questions we want to ask and I dont want to be constrained by NHS time limits.  This way we can really get a 'plan' sorted.

James phoned and hes up near Brissy with Karen, our friend there.  She hasnt seen him since he was 4 but she said she recognised him straight away!  Its 28 degrees up there right now, Im SO bloody jealous !  I just know hes going to love it there and will probably stay and get a job there rather than return to Sydney.  Cant blame him.  Shes taking him to see the old house in Peregian today, I wonder if he willrecognise it?

Anyway Im going to take it easy today, after all it is still less than 48 hours since my op, and prepare myself for what Im going to hear tomorrow.  I know it isnt going to be pleasant.


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