Friday, 5 October 2007

Goat woman

My daughter, Catherine, has just started in the 6th Form.  And taken over by the sounds of it.  She has joined the Student Council and informed them that this year they will be supporting the James Whale Fund as their charity.  Which is no mean feat when you consider its a very strict Catholic school and usually sticks to Father Hudson Homes etc...  Mind you, I wouldnt take on the feisty little red head either - she can be VERY determined when she wants !

Something very peculiar is happening to me right now.  Im growing a horn !  Yes, a lump on my scalp....I think we can all guess what it is.  Its not very big yet, about the size of a walnut, but causes much hilarity in this house.....'Mums turning into a Goat'!  Goodness knows where I will get one big toe?

Im off to varnish my hooves.....




voluptuousvan1ty said...

Your daughter is a lovely girl, Jane.

A beautiful legacy to you. :O) x

cheekechops1 said...

Beautiful daughter you have there!