Sunday, 28 October 2007

Her name was Lola...she was a showgirl....

For the first time Im allowing myself to think about our holiday to Brazil at Xmas - and get excited about it.  Im just hoping against hope it isnt snatched away from me at the last moment.

My brother, Matt,  has lived in Rio for the past 6 years, having married a lovely girl called Ana.  Shes a native SA and it was only 2 generations ago that her family lived in the rain forest.  Thats some antecedents isnt it?  They now have a gorgeous little boy called Luke who Im dying to meet.

Ana also has this huge extended family and we will be staying with one or another of them most of the time.  It sounds as if our time there has already been planned out, Xmas Day with her parents and ofcourse New Years Eve on Cococabana - which is supposed to be quite a spectacle.  A bit like Carnival - all fireworks and samba-ing.

Were also staying for a few nights at an eco-lodge - in the Amazon but right on the beach too - it looks like paradise.

Pousada Naturalia - Ilha Grande - Angra dos Reis - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

It looks amazing doesnt it?  But I bet the spiders are HUGE !!

So Im starting to get excited about it - tentatively !  The tickets are all booked and paid for and we are due to fly out on 18th Dec.

Im still feeling well, the horn has disappeared completely, and Ive been reading up on foods that boost your immune system.  If this IS my immune system kicking it I want to feed it as well as I can.  So its Kiwi fruit and Avocado (not together obviously!) for me!

Dr P on Tuesday - I cant wait to hear what he says.......




rcfairy said...

It looks a gorgeous place, and the rest of the family's plan for the holiday sounds as if you'll have a really lovely time.  Quite right too.  I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

voluptuousvan1ty said...

Wow...that place is amazing and I've saved it to my favourites!

Jane, I'm sure you will be OK for Christmas. Stay positive, you'll make it to see your brother and family, I know you will and I expect to see lots of photographs of your trip!


tellsg said...

You'll have a wonderful time.  I once had to go to Brazil for work and ended up in Rio at the Caesar Palace Hotel at Ipemema Beach.  Shame about the work but Rio was wonderful and vibrant and I loved people watching there.  It looks a wonderful spot that you are going to and so nice that you'll be able to meet up with your brother and family.  Good luck with the doc.  Hugs, Tells x

jeadie05 said...

What a wonderful place Im sure with your very positive attitude you will be there at Christmas ,and we will be treated to some wonderful accounts of it all ,plus pictures Jan xx

larryzzzz said...

well done Sprite !! it`s great that u have that wonderful trip to set ur sights on !! Good luck with ur Dr. on Tuesday...and with those spiders in Brazil !!