Saturday, 20 October 2007

Still waiting.....

Ive been sat next to the phone for 3 days now - willing it to ring.  Nothing so far.  Prof H. did say I would hear by 'Monday'.  I hope so.  I have a lot of things to organise before I surrender myself to the tender mercies of IL2.

I need some new nightwear.  I dont normally wear anything in bed, not even Chanel No.5.  Sometimes maybe a squirt of Body Shop stuff if I think Im on a promise.  So I must buy some decent pyjamas.  NOT nighties.  How many times when Ive been nursing have I had a flash of somones 'fluffy' as they turn over in bed, thanks to their nightie.  Plus the nurses will need to have access to my PIC line, and in a nightie they would have to hoike it up around my neck.  I shall buy short pyjamas.  Half a dozen pairs.  Although at the end of the day Ill be feeling so grotty I dont suppose I shall care if Im lying there stark bollock naked - but the nurses might...haha

This is a very strange position to find yourself in.  Sitting here, feeling GOOD today, and yet desperately hoping for a call, the end results of which will make me so terribly ill.  Or maybe even kill me.  There is still that 4% chance that the treatment can prove fatal.  Id be very pissed off if that happened and I hadnt worn all my pyjamas.



dreamyriver said...

The nurses might be surprised if you were stark bollock naked - they might think they had the wrong patient :-D

Hopefully you've heard something by now, Sprite

cheekechops1 said...

LMAO @ 'fluffy'!