Saturday, 6 October 2007

Political prominance......

So, at last the appalling state of affairs that exists with the NHS that is the 'post code' lottery for funding some cancer drugs has achieved political prominance, by BOTH major parties.

About pigging time.

Jane Tomlinson, possibly the most well known cancer sufferer due to her fund raising during her illness, chose to die early, rather than use her 'fame' to get the drug which would have extended her life.  What an amazing woman.

Andrew Lansley, Shadow Health Secretary, spoke at length at the party conference in Blackpool on this very subject.  And now Gordon has jumped on the band wagon and promised to put and end to this inequity in what is supposed to be a NATIONAL Health Service.

Im very impressed with my own MP, Richard Burden.  Ive written to him on a couple of occassions and received very prompt posivite replies.  He has offered his support if I am refused funding, to write on my behalf to the PCT.  He also enclosed a copy of the PCTs 'exceptional case' policy, which ofcourse I already have, but it shows hes on the ball.

Ofcourse, interweaved in all this, family life carries on pretty much as normal.  It has to.  Its the only thing that keeps me sane at times.  Worrying about Eds PE kit, running out of toilet roll and bickering about what to watch on telly tonight keeps my mind occupied so theres little time for self pity.  Im lucky really in that I dont get an awful lot of 'pain' as such, its more discomfort really which can be easily dealt with by taking a couple of paracetomols and cleaning the bathroom!  Its true what they say, laughter and distraction really IS the best medicine.

Ive been checking up on the side effects of Sutent.  Pretty much the 'usual suspects' of nausea, vomiting etc... Sore mouth hands and feet, Ive bought some Aloe Vera toothpaste and special moisturiser ready (optimistic arnt I?...haha)  and the really weird one of making your skin go a greeny/grey !!.....Oh No !! I shall be turning into E.T. !

Well Im NOT having that.  I shall invest in a bucket of fake tan and look like Dale Winton instead !



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