Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Life Before

I did have a life before cancer - really I did - although at times its difficult to remember it now. Out of my 51 years only 3 1/2 have been blighted by Rcc. The rest were 'normal' - woman, wife, mother, homemaker - nothing to set the world on fire but a happy, secure and above all healthy life. As exciting as the past few years have been, all the travel and experiences I've had - how I miss my old life. How I yearn for it now. The simple routine of kids at school, Martin at work and me just running the house - cleaning and shopping etc... I loved it ! Every single moment of it especially when the children were little.

I've always worked, but only very part time. When James was born Martin and I made the decision that primarily I would be a stay at home Mum. Both of our mothers were the same and it was something we wanted for our children. I remember a glorious sunny '1960's' childhood so vividly. Mum always at home, Feeding the ducks, trips to the park and the swings, helping Mum bake cakes, swimming - it was wonderful. Me, my 2 brothers and Mum - Dad was away a lot because of his job but Mum was always there.

It was something I tried to recreate for James, Catherine and Edward - and I'm really happy to say I succeeded. Together with Carol and her 3 sons.

I was always lucky enough to have something my Mum never had - a car, and we would pile it high with provisions/pushchairs/nappies etc.. and take off for the day. The Nature Centre, the seaside, country park, Zoo, visiting friends etc.... Nothing phased us with 6 small children. Camping in Devon for a few days. We even went to Tunisia for a week when James was only 3 !!

The children became incredibly close in those special years before school, even Catherine being the only girl, and now consider themselves more cousins than friends.

I am now often asked what I consider my greatest achievement to have been?
Being involved in the fight to get Sutent funded?
Making the film about Kidney Cancer?
Going to Brasil?

No - none of these.

My greatest achievement has been to give my children the kind of childhood I had. I couldn't have done this without Martin of course. So it was very much a joint effort which gave them the happy, secure, contented first few years that I have seen them use as stepping stones to grow on and become the 3 amazing, wonderful young people they are today.

And I'm SO proud to have played a part in that.


ADB said...

I hope those memories sustain you through the difficult times you now experience, Jane. RCC was put in your way as a challenge, and you have been exemplary in the way you met it. Although in the end you cannot overcome it, you are doing an outstanding job.

FranciscoL_Swaney0806 said...
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Jeanie said...

Who could ask for anything more than making sure our children have a wonderful childhood? Those fudamentals are the real tools, for a good, happy and contented life. You could not have instilled better values into them. Well done YOU and Martin!
Your love and care will go on and on.
God bless you.

LYN said...


Jackie said...

Wonderful how we can appreciate the simpler things in life when our lives take a sudden unexpected turn, we take time to admire the smaller things and the wonders around us.
Being a mum is one of the most difficult jobs on earth and getting it right is the most important. You have achieved what many will fail to do, keeping your family together, staying with your partner and giving those kids a loving environment to grow up in and more than that they too will continue to teach their kids all that they have learned from you, a gift that can never be bought. WELL DONE Jane and thank you for sharing and stirring many memories.xx

Denise_pike said...

As the saying goes , you reap what you harvest. You have planted the seed of a family and cared for it as the years have gone by and now that you need love and care you have it all from the people you have given so much to , and now it´s keeping you so strong that even falling at this delicate time hasn´t been able to keep you down. Take care your follower from Benidorm. Denise

mortonlake said...

one of your best entries true about jane,love mort xx