Wednesday, 4 November 2009

12 Precious Days......

Thank you Karen.
Thank you for pointing out what should be obvious, especially to me right here, right now.
12 precious days which I can put to good use - and fully intend to.

Every day is precious - every day is special. And for each one of the next 12 Im going to to do something to make it remarkable in some way !!


Helen said...

Jane - I have only recently started to follow your blog. You are a smasher! I look forward to finding out what you find to amuse yourself (and us!) with over the next few days because I have no doubt you will grab them with both hands and throttle them.

Helen x

Jackie said...

Hi Jane, Have you finished that christmas shopping yet? If you have maybe you could start on mine? I am finding it hard to walk at the moment, arthritis ugh even worse than cancer sometimes. I've got my ct scan next Monday 2nd one since starting sutent, 6months gone already doesn't time fly. 12 days and counting will go so fast just you see! You could start by writing a childrens book for little Grace fill it with pictures and cheery quotes, she will read your blog one day, but for now she would love a book just for her! Don't say you can't draw, anyone can do stick men and women! Give it a try I'm sure you'll love it once you get started!
Jackie x

LYN said...


Diana said...

Praying for a bucket load of blessings for you today!

karen said...

happy to help Jane - we all need a reminder now & then. It's Nov 6 now, so it's only 10 days until you get that wonderful surgery. If you need a distraction in the meantime, have a look at my new follower photo - you'll see my wrist tattoo, completed today - there are wonderful tattoo artists that will come to you - if you feel the need! I did this one just for me - it's on the inside of my wrist, it's beautiful, and the script "life is good" is my daily reminder to enjoy each & every precious day.
Hugs from this side of the pond as always,
Karen in Ottawa Canada