Saturday, 14 November 2009

...update 14/11/09

Jane's operation is scheduled for this Monday 16th Nov. She will be moved back to the Royal Orthopedic Hosp tomorrow afternoon to ensure she has a bed.

Jane is OK but desperately wants it over a done with so she can come back home. The staff at the hospice have worked wanders keeping her spirits up but she is in so much pain even with just a simple bed wash let alone changing the leg traction every morning. Morphine helps but it has its side effects such as sickness and continual tiredness.

She has had her blood transfusion today in readiness so fingers crossed that all goes to plan for Monday



Deb said...

Sending you my very best wishes Jane on Monday for a quick recovery and homecoming. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.....take care my friend!

Alexei said...

Thinking of you Jane and wishing you the best of luck on Monday and a speedy pain-free recovery and a quick return home. And best wishes to Martin too.

Jackie said...

Hi Jane and Martin, hope all goes well on Monday and Jane gets some much needed relief. Home soon Jane keep your chin up. Hope that blood they gave you was royal blue! Sending love and hugs.
Jackie xx

Andy said...

Thinking of you both and sending my best wishes for Monday

ADB said...

At least the wait is almost over, Martin. Both of you, keep your spirits high and we're there with you in spirit, if not in person. Keep us posted.

Sybil said...

Martin thank you so much for keeping us up to date with all that is happening to our dear Jane.
Thinking of you and surrounding YOU with prayers,
Please keep in touch as and when you can
Love Sybil x

Daria said...

All the best to Jane ...

Hoping everything goes well.

Joanne said...

All the best Jane. You will come out on top and a winner again! Speedy recovery.
Take care.