Monday, 16 November 2009

...update 16/11/09

At 2pm yesterday afternoon (Sunday) Jane was transported to the Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Northfield. She said a tearful goodbye to the staff at the hospice and went on a very slow ambulance ride back to the ward she had left some three weeks before.

Today at 1pm, two burly porters wheeled her bed down to theatre. I was with her all the way. I don't think I had a choice judging by the vice like grip she had on my hand. She was greeted by the staff who did their best to put her at ease. One of the nurses recognised her from when she used to take the children to junior school, her daughter was in the same class as our eldest, James.

The anaesthetist spoke gently to her and gradually she fell asleep. I must admit I went home with a few tears in my eyes and tried to get on with some housework. Couldn't concentrate so I went on a golf ball walk instead.
* We have a local beauty spot just up the road called the lickey hills which incorporates an 18 hole golf course. We used to take the children there years ago and there was an ice cream for anyone that found more than 3 balls. (I was too stingy to buy any when I played). We take Grace there now and its a good place to think about things especially when its blowing a gale and raining. I found two today but I wasn't trying very hard !!

I cooked an early tea with Catherine and Edward as I was expecting the phone to ring around 5pm. It did, the hospital and Jane was in recovery. All three of us wolfed down the remainder of the stir fry, jumped in the car and headed for the High Dependency Unit. Jane was sat up but obviously in lots of pain. She had a morphine pump and lots of drips. The operation had gone well but she was experiencing a lot of pain, not unusual for such a big op said the doctor. It was more complex than just a routine knee or hip replacement.

We stayed until 9.30pm, stuck the morphine pump in her hand and said our goodbyes. I shall go in to see her in the morning with Catherine who will stay with her all day tomorrow and then hopefully back on the ward to begin her recovery.



Jackie said...

Thank you so much for posting Martin I've been popping in and out of here all day. I can sleep now knowing she is in safe hands. Hope the pain subsides soon! Morphine is good but sometimes not good enough, I know! Please give her all our love.

ADB said...

Fantastic news, Martin, very pleased that she has gotten through the operation and is now back in Recovery. Long way to go yet, but the start is there. Wishing you all strength.


Sybil said...

Thank you so much for giving us an update. I went to bed with Jane on my mind and woke this morning with the same thought. So I am doubly glad to come on and see your report.
Please give Jane my love whenever you feel she is up to it. It will take a while for her to recover I am sire but at least thy leg has been repaired. and for the we thank God,
Love Sybil x

mortonlake said...

give jane my love please.she is in my are you martin. take care,mort. best i dont give you a kiss,lol. just glad she is in good hands.

Andy said...

Please give Jane my best wishes, my thoughts are with you both.

Alexei said...

Been fussing over the past twenty four hours and popping in a lot. Now to say thank you so much Martin for posting. I'm glad it's over and now the recovery period can start. Lots of loving thoughts/wishes heading in both of your directions.

Shirley said...

Im glad that the operation went well yesterday. Jane was in my thoughts all day.. God bless to you all.
Love u all.

God bless
Shirley xxx

Deb said...

Soooo happy to hear that Jane's surgery is over with. Tell her "hello" and send along my best wishes. Appreciate your posting this Martin, as I'm sure everyone else, like myself has been anxious to hear how things went.
Take care of yourself as well....all the best to everyone!

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