Thursday, 5 November 2009

St. Mary's Hospice, Birmingham

The moment I was pushed through the front door of St. Mary's the effect was instantaneous. My shoulders detached themselves from my my earlobes and I relaxed for the first time in days - weeks really.

Here I knew I would be safe.

Here I knew I would be listened to and not have to repeat my medical history endlessly to doctor after doctor, nurse after nurse - and then have it forgotten or ignored.

St. Mary's is a shining example of the Hospice movement.

The standard of nursing care is the highest I have ever experienced - but its more than just that. Its the genuine, sincere, kindness and empathy that is all encompassing from every member of the staff and volunteers here. Instantly you feel part of the one big St. Mary's 'family'.

Most of all, for me, I have so appreciated the wonderful sense of humour that flourishes here. I don't think I have laughed so much in ages !! Even the daily ritual of changing my traction is accompanied by much raucous laughter - and as someone who strongly believes it really is the best medicine it helps enormously (along with the gas and air of course!)

I could write all day about how fabulous this place is and name every member of staff for the special qualities they bring to their work every day - but I would just like to say this.....

Thank you St. Mary's.

Thank you on behalf of all of us patients for reminding us the time we spend with you is about LIVING - and enjoying every moment to the full. (And a special thank you to Mandy on nights for the endless cups of coffee she makes me and to Chris whose zany sense of humour keeps me sane at times - just!)

The food is absolutely excellent. Very healthy with plenty of fresh veggies and fruit and has that lovely 'home cooked' quality.

I have been overwhelmed by the kind comments and flowers I have received whilst a patient here - my room looks like Barbara Cartland's boudoir!

St. Mary's is a charitable organisation and relies almost completely on donations or legacies from the public to keep up the wonderful work they do. When I'm fit and well enough I shall be joining in with the fund raising here and if anyone would like to contribute a donation I know it would be put to very good use.


Andy said...

I will have to take your word about Barbara Cartlands boudoir, I have never been there.
It is true that laughter is the best medicine and I have certainly found medical staff who believe it but a lot of staff are so overworked that they probably want to cry rather than laugh.
I agree with you hospices are wonderful places and indeed for many years I have supported the Heart of Kent hospice. However do you not think it wrong that they rely on voluntary donations to keep running. It says more about this country that people are prepared to donate/volunteer to these wonderful causes (and that includes the Air Ambulance service and even lifeboats) than any amount of news items about yobs etc.

ADB said...

I am very pleased that you are now in a place where you are well looked after with the care and attention you require. I hope you can now build up strength for the op in 12 days' time.

mortonlake said...

im glad take care,love mort xxxx hate you being in so much pain.

Shirley said...

Dearest Jane,
Today I got a copy of "Yours" Magazine. What a wonderful Article was written, and what a beautiful Grand Daughter you have got. Keep on fighting Jane, cos deep down you have got the love and encouragement of all your friends.
God Bless,
Shirley xxxx

Slacker Mom said...

I am SOOOOO very happy to hear you are in an environment full of love. I hold Hospice in high regards here (In the US, Kentucky). They WERE passionate people with hearts of gold. It was an inspiration to me watching them care for my Mother.

I look forward to more from you and will look to see if that magazine is available in my litte corner of the world!

Get well, Jane!
Sending love and prayers your way, across the Big Pond.

Sybil said...

Hi Jane, I am so pleased that you have written such a glowing report about the hospice movemenet. As you know I am a great admirer of them (I used to be a driver for the day care unit of our local hospice when I lived in Bath, what fun the patients and I had wellpatients is the wrong fact I am still in contcat after 20 years with friends wife ) Keep laughing love and the days will soon pass.
God Bless,
Much Love Sybil xx
3 editions of YOURs bought in this house !! Yours will be wondering what has happened this week to make it so popular...

Lori said...

I'm glad you are where you feel secure.