Monday, 9 November 2009

Day 18 of being tied to a bed.......

It's ok to feel down sometimes.

It's ok to allow yourself to have a bad day - an off day.

I had one of those yesterday - today wasn't that great either !

I felt 'dopey' - in a kind of semi coma, drifting off to sleep all day. Not hungry at all. It was very strange and most probably down to a mix of being tired, still being constipated (everything is still very sluggish due to my lying in bed now for 18 days having no exercise whatsoever) all the drugs I'm now taking and generally getting more and more bored and fed up. I actually dream about getting up, walking and sitting on the loo !

Today was a bit better - but my appetite is still non existant and I still feel sleepy most of the time. And tomorrow I have been promised my sluggishness in the bowel department will be resolved, one way or another, finally. So I could be in for an interesting day!

I've also made the decision that tomorrow will be different. I will be positive and upbeat and awake ! Two days is long enough. Yes, being stuck in bed with a fractured leg, often in pain, can be depressing - boring - annoying even. But its only for another week - just one more week before I can get on my feet again.

I'm not quite sure how long the rehabilitation is after an operation like mine - I'm hoping most of it can be carried out at home though and I can have an 'early release'! I will have spent way too long in hospital as it is (almost a month!!) and I'm sure the community physio's will be able to deal with me. I know it will be a strange sensation being able to both sit up and walk again after so long.

I miss my home - and Martin - and the kids - and the cats - and the garden - badly. Ive never been away for so long. Its horrible. I try not to think about it too much or I get upset, and there is no point.

I'm trying to do something positive and productive every day to make the time count, but it's not easy when you're tied to a bed !


Sybil said...

My dear dear Jane,,what a time you are having.. Still after your "clear out" today I am sure you will feel much better and if you feel better you WILL be better !! just one more week and you will be in Theatre...only wish it were the Alhambra Theatre !! and when you come too you will be on the way back to being your old cheerful self.
Much Love and prayers
God bles,
Sybil xxx

Emma said...

Hi Jane

I've been dropping in to see how you've been getting on in between everything else (we are, for some reason, moving house). Can I direct you to here - TB has just had a similar operation and seems to be back on his feet very quickly (and his wife is lovely). One more week, and we can be telling you not to over do it too!

Take care

Love Emma

ADB said...

No need to keep up appearances, Jane. I hope you can go home soon after the op. Keep us posted, be it negative or positive.

Jackie said...

Hi Jane
You are still posting so that is productive we need to know how you feel and want to hear it be it good or not so good. You're human and it's bloody tough going at times, but it can only get better. Don't put too high an expectation on yourself take it a bit at a time small bites remember that's how to eat an elephant!Wish I could take away some of your pain for you, let you out for an hour or two but it's just not humanely possible. We can talk though even if only through your blog. You truly give inspiration to us all Jane and we should remind you more often what a powerful healer you are to us all. May tomorrow be an easier day for you.(((((hugs)))))
Jackie xx

mortonlake said...

im sorry you in pain,i hate you hurting,i pray you soon back on your take care,please try and not block the entire sewer system when you "go",lol.take care jane,love mort xxxx

Anonymous said...

Jane I continue to salute you, I pray you will soon be standing and walking and home where you belong,you remain firmly in my thoughts and prayers

Yasmin said...

Hope you get home soon and you'll feel better just for being with family around you. take care


Deb said...

Just a couple more days Jane and you'll have the surgery over and be on your way to feeling like your old self again. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you right now, but you are a strong person Jane and although it seems like an eternity since you've been home, you will forget all about this in the coming days ahead. You are the inspiration for so many of us Jane..don't ever forget that!
One day at a time my dear....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

dmw said...

All good wishes and thoughts for you. Watching my father recover from a similar break now, I know that it will be a very long recovery, but things do improve.

LYN said...