Monday, 23 November 2009

...update... "its twins"

.... her words not mine that accompanied a big smile and a big hug as I walked into the recovery room. This was greeted by lots of laughter from the nurses and an even bigger grin from me.
Her operation went really well and she looked a lot better than she did after her first op. She had an epidural in which was helping but I think generally she is much better shape.

The real hard work starts now with the physios so we can get her back on her feet and then back home. We all miss her dreadfully.

Many thanks for all your kind words and support. She will be kept busy reading them all when she can get to her PC.



Joanne said...

Keep up the great work & here's to a speedy recovery & physio. One amazing lady.
Take care.
Joanne (Ontario, Canada)

Jackie said...

FANTASTIC NEWS well done Jane and her team up there! I've been thinking of her today and wishing her well. As Joanne says One amazing lady!
Jackie x

Andy said...

I think the words FANTASTIC NEWS say it all. I am seeing the company doctor in the morning with a view to going back to work.


ADB said...

That is great news, Martin, thanks for keeping us posted. Looking forward to the next progress report from either of you.

Sybil said...

Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. I have been eagerly switching on the 'puter at odd times during the day just to see if there has been news..She really is one amazing woman a true warrior...
Please give our Jane my best love,

Sybil xx

Deb said...

Hurrah!!!! Sooo happy to hear you have that all over with....I can just imagine your relief.
Enjoy the R & R now my dear and let everyone pamper you..honestly, that is the best of all of this...relax and enjoy!
Take care of yourself now.

Colin D said...

Cheers Martin it's great news. We were going to say hello while we were there but Jane was still in OR so we were told at 14:00 ish, but whatever. As long as all wass good.

Best Regards to you all and the family, and Jane et al, you're all still an inspiration to me and my family. Next time we're passing w may even get to say hello ;-))

Colin D and Sandy.

karen said...

wonderful to hear - thanks for remembering us Martin. Please give Jane a hug from me, I look forward to hearing her wacky sense of humour again, as soon as she's able to get her fingers tapping!
Karen in Ottawa Canada

LYN said...


Anonymous said...

Well done Jane, so pleased that all has gone well,soon be home now,know that your gutsy attitude will see you thru, what a lady you are.

mortonlake said...

yayyy you. go jane go. ahem,i really must stop reading american blogs.jolly well done. hun,im so take word describes you, love mort xxx

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Cheers from California for the most inspirational lady in the world. Jane, all your fans are happy and thankful to hear you are doing better. Martin, thanks for keeping us up to date and for being such a brave and loving Caregiver. Jane is lucky to have you.