Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Day 13 of being tied to a bed...... sounds like the title to a 1970's German porn film doesn't it? Except it isn't - and I have just been given the date for my operation.
16th November.
That's another 12 days.
I'm trying not to get too downhearted about this. But it isn't easy.
The prosthesis wont be ready until 13th November so there is nothing can be done and Mr Tillman is putting me at the top of his next list.
But another 12 days !!
That will be almost a month I shall have been lying in this bed. The nurses and I are trying to work out a way of my having either a bath or a shower whilst keeping my leg in traction, which could prove interesting. So far I have managed with all over washes. 'Interesting' maybe is the wrong word - has anyone ever tried to poo whilst lying down in bed? (whilst sober?) It's not easy. Not at all easy.
But another 12 days !!
That's a week and a half !!
I must find something to do - something to be positive about.

I was really pleased with the article in 'Yours' magazine today. It will really help raise awareness of both Kidney Cancer and the new life extending drugs used to treat it. And what a beautiful photo of Grace (wasn't that bad of me either considering!)

But another 12 days !!...........


Andy said...

12 days will soon go and to be honest its better than saying 288 hours.
I know what you mean about having a shower and an all over bed wash is no comparison, I am sure they will come up with a solution.
Thinking of you
Andy xx

ADB said...

As Andy says, 12 days is only 12 days. After the operation, you'll have a new lease of life. Keep us posted, Jane.

LYN said...


Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear Jane. We love you. Sorry I missed keeping up with your "adventure." I made up for it tonight by starting where I left off and reading to the end. College has kept me busy. This old brain on Sutent being what it is.
Jane, you are a true inspiration to the rest of us. Hopefully we will not fall too far short of your example of strength, determination and bravery.
Canada in the Spring would be a great trip.
God Bless You.

karen said...

to help you get through each of the long 12, I suggest Martin bring you a little surprise each day. That'll brighten your days and give you something to look forward to each day (beside his visit :>) - and at the end of 12 days you'll have a little windfall! always works for me - little silly things are fab to receive, and even more fun to shop for!
Remember to find some pleasure in each day Jane - as much as you want them behind you so you can begin the leg healing process, they are still 12 precious days - get yourself some great novels, puzzles - or movies if you're too 'stoned' to concentrate on books - you can do it - this is just another blip in your journey.
Hugs and luv,
Karen in Ottawa Canada

Lori said...

I know it's going to be a long 12 days. At least you have a date set. I hope it goes by faster than you think. Take care!

Sybil said...

Hi Jane,
I am not normally around at this time but I can't resist playing on this brilliant tiny weeny netbook that Mary has given me as an early xmas present..I am so sorry that you have another 12 days to wait for the op. Still what better place...other than at home...could you be than in that lovely place surrounded by all the love and care that can be lavished on you.
Keep smiling and you are I am sure keeping everybody's spirits up.
God Bless
Love Sybil

Joanne said...

I had to spend 7 weeks in bed lying pretty much upside down. My husband was so good when I would ask if I was hitting the bedpan he would say yes (I wasn't) just so I would go. And then I had a nurse come in & said "It smells like a bear s..t in the woods". I know where you're coming from. Hang in there.
You are my inspiration!
Joanne (Canada)