Friday, 28 May 2010

Homeward Bound ?

22 days Ive been in St Marys now - doesn't time fly ?And what a lot has happened too. In this time we have apparently elected a most unusual government - run by twins. And Edward had his 17th birthday.

Happy Birthday Edward !!

I measure the passage of time now by how much I can move my toes/knees/thighs. And any improvement seems to have come to a halt now. It takes a good half an hour of massage to 'wake' my legs up in order to get the smallest movement out of them. And that is very hard work. It can be a bit depressing.

'Home' is planned for Wednesday 26th - all being well. Everything is in place now. All the equipment I need and a care package which includes 3 calls a day and for most nights a sitter. Its very comprehensive and I must admit Ive been quite overwhelmed by the amount of help Ive been given - and will need. I'm going back to a very different life indeed.

How do I feel about going home? Things are so very different - I left home able to walk, move around, look after myself more or less. Now I'm virtually paralysed from the waist down which has a huge impact on the amount of pain I'm in. Lying in bed makes it much worse, I get stiff as a board. Martin is brilliant at sitting me right up with pillows so I can wriggle about a bit at least on my bum, relieving the pressure.

Despite all this I want to be at home, in my house, my home, with my family - and I know they want me home too. Its a bit daunting at the moment but we will be getting loads of support and I'm sure we will find our own level after a while.

Wednesday Afternoon

I'm home !!
Not without incident of course. The paramedics had a bit of a game getting me in the house on the stretcher and I provided the afternoons entertainment for neighbours and passersby, clad in a little blue nightie being lifted and twisted and turned in order to get me inside !

At one point I thought we were auditioning for 'Britains Got Talent' !!!


Sybil said...

Oh Jane you do make me cry and then laugh...I would just love to have seen your entrance to the house !! I hope that you have had some fairly good nights sleep and are at peace knowing someone is around for you at all times,
God Bless,
Much Love Sybil xx

LYN said...



mortonlake said...

bless least you have the help you need,and martin needs.hope the pain can be managed.( i bloody hate that phrase,if i can manage my pain i dont need any help surely??feeling bitchy,its my age hun )you take good care,we all love you and are rooting for you.all we can do jane.wish there was more.lots of love,peace,mort xxxx

Jan said...

Oh Jane there is nowhere quite like home is there ? Jan xx

ADB said...

Well, you made it home and that is something already, Jane. At least you can see the funny side of a distressing situation. I hope some improvement will set in as time goes on - we shall see. Keep going!

karen in ottawa canada said...

so happy to hear you're home - what a great accomplishment - you continue to amaze me. Enjoy your home, your bed, your stuff, your family - home is a wonderful thing.
hugs to you as always.

Yasmin said...

Always best to be place like it.

Deb said...

Jane, you never lose your sense of humor...
So happy to hear that you are back home. I'm sure you will begin to feel much better just by being with your family and in the comfort of home.
Take care,